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We had the opportunity to work on a new project with Studio Vlock, a contemporary design studio located in Southern California, led by the artistic vision and creative prowess of Sandra Vlock, a renowned architect.

Sandra Vlock’s artistry is deeply rooted in creating connections between people, places, and stories.

Her mission is to transform everyday objects and spaces into extraordinary experiences, creating a magnet that invites participation and encourages interactions and engagement.

Working closely with Sandra Vlock we designed a website that reflects her passion and her talent to capture a genuine essence of place, contextual relevance, and compelling narrative.

Sharing their ideas and values gave us the unique opportunity to become an integral part of the project.


Sandra Vlock Architect

This collaboration allowed us to take our cameras behind the scenes, offering an exclusive glimpse into the artist’s creative process. Through lifestyle photography and videography by Rocco Ceselin, we captured the essence of her artistry, particularly highlighting her installations at the El Encanto Resort in Santa Barbara, where we spent a beautiful day with Sandra and we had the opportunity to hear all about her work and her process on creating her Fireballs sculptures and Fire Cylinders. 

Her tecnique is very unique and her source of inspiration comes from her travels around the world that she captures on her notebook by sketching notes and creative ideas.

Our visual storytelling aimed to not just document, but to illuminate the complex details and the compelling narrative behind each installation, bringing to life the artistic atmosphere of the resort.